About us.

First and foremost – we’re not a housing company.  We’re builders.

That means we are out working on each and every project. We’re responsible every step of the way and, as importantly, we’re able to talk you through everything that’s going on before, during and after the build. There is no middle-man – the work’s done by us, and the buck stops with us.

Our number one priority when building is ensuring the client’s happiness. It’s easy to say this (and our competitors certainly do). But it’s harder to deliver consistently. With clear communication and high standards we make sure the building process is as easy and stress-free as possible.

There are very good reasons for working to an affordable budget. But there’s no excuse for average design and construction. We pride ourselves on an attention to detail that ultimately delivers the greatest in style and comfort to our homes.  The benefits a superior architecturally designed home deliver can be measured each and every day you live there.

We are an owner-operated business, and we work throughout the Whangarei, Bream bay, Kaipara area.

We started trading as HSB Builders in April 2005, before that Hayden was a self employed sole trader  .We have built not only many new houses but also a reputable business that sees customers coming back again and again.  Together with our experienced team of builders and local sub-contractors we work closely with you to ensure your vision is fulfilled at a competitive price.  

We are down to earth, practical people who are easy to work with and have a strong emphasis on quality and flexibility and our testimonials reflect this.

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