Our Building Process



The initial stage involves a consultation to delve into key decision-making factors such as your preferred location, budget, likes and dislikes, and any particular site-related specifications that might influence your home's design, among other things.

This free, no-obligation consultation will be directly with me, the owner, instead of a sales team. I believe it's crucial for me to oversee the project and maintain quality control right from inception to completion.


Concept plan

The subsequent stage involves drafting a conceptual blueprint of your home. You have the option to select one of our existing designs, which can be tailored to fit your requirements, or work with one of our architectural designers to create an entirely custom design.

Upon completion of this plan, we kickstart the process of estimating the cost of your home. This phase allows us to adjust specifications and make changes to ensure we remain within your budget and cater to your unique preferences.



After you've approved the design plan, specifications, and pricing, we'll proceed to draw up a contract for the project.

Your legal counsel will help supervise this process, ensuring that no essential details have been overlooked in the agreement.


Consent process with finalised working plans

After your working plan has navigated through the consent process successfully, it's time to add the final flourishes to your home.

We provide a complimentary consultation with a seasoned interior designer from Boutique Interiors. They can assist with inspiration and advice regarding color schemes and furnishings, should you find it helpful.



I personally supervise the construction process, which includes routine site meetings and providing consistent updates. I remain your direct point of contact from start to finish, and even beyond that.

All our subcontractors and suppliers are professional entities, recognized for their quality in the Whangārei region. We adhere to stringent quality control measures, ensuring every detail is meticulously checked off throughout the construction process.


Completion and quality control

Upon the completion of your home, a code of compliance certificate is issued, indicating it's time for you to move into your new abode!

Our consultation process doesn't cease once the build is approved. Our objective is to ensure a seamless experience for you and to let you know that you remain a priority, even after your home's completion.